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Apple brings iCloud passwords to Windows, Microsoft's Edge

Apple’s latest release is for Windows users and means you can now manage your iCloud passwords from a PC.


Apple’s latest product release is aimed squarely at Windows users and it means you can now manage your iCloud passwords from a PC.


iCloud for Windows
Apple has offered iCloud for Windows for years. The latest release builds on what is already available with the addition of a password management app for Windows and Microsoft's Edge browser.


The company shipped a Chrome extension for this earlier this year, and the new app brings the same functionality to Windows. Windows users who download iCloud 12.5 from the Microsoft Store will now also receive the new iCloud Passwords app.


What does the iCloud Passwords app do?
The iCloud Passwords app lets you check your account information, update it, delete it, and add new accounts. Because it is an iCloud app, any changes you make within it will automatically sync across all your iCloud devices, iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Along with Chrome, it also supports Edge, so you can get all that functionality through that browser.


This extends the features of iCloud for Windows, with which PC users can access Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Safari.

What are the limitations?
The main limitation is that to use the app you still need an Apple product handy to get through the dual-factor authentication process. This makes the system a little clunky, and I think some users may find the added friction from this a little off-putting for regular use or they will instead opt for a less-cumbersome cross-platform password manager.


How to enable iCloud Passwords on Windows
To enable iCloud Passwords on Windows, follow these steps:


  • Sign in to the iCloud for Windows app using an account with 2FA with an Apple device logged into the same Apple ID.

  • Open the app, select Passwords, and click apply.

  • If you want to use the extension in Chrome or Edge, you’ll need to tap Install Extension next to the browser’s name and follow the setup guide.

  • If you enable the extension the browser’s built-in password-saving feature will be disabled.


How to use the iCloud Passwords app
To use the app, just open it, sign in, and select the account. You will then be able to copy usernames, passwords, or website addresses.

If used with Chrome or Edge, when you visit a site for which you have a saved password in iCloud, just tap the iCloud Passwords button. You will need your Apple device near you and will receive a six-digit 2FA verification code which you must enter. The password will then be entered for you. To save a new password you’ll also need to enter a verification code.

Understanding iCloud Passwords icons
When the extension is installed, you’ll see cloud-shaped iCloud Passwords icons appear in the browser. One of four icons should be visible. This is what they mean:


  • A blue icon with a key means you have a saved password for the current site.

  • A white icon with a key means the same thing but asks you to enable the extension.

  • A black cloud means you have no password for the current site.

  • A white cloud-shaped icon tells you that you must enable the extension and sign in to the iCloud for Windows app.

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