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Why do you need TPM? How to bypass TPM requirement and install Windows 11?

In this post, we first explain why you need TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for Windows 11 and then tell you how to bypass the TPM requirement and install Windows 11.

Windows 11 will soon be available for all by this year-end! It has some visual changes and but is not a complete redesign.


Many Windows 10 users are using PC Health Checker to see if their system can run Windows 11.


Some of them are happy as their system can run Windows 11, while some are getting “This PC can’t run Windows 11“.


When the question arose, “Why is my PC incompatible to run Windows 11?”, many said because your computer doesn’t have TPM. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see why do you need TPM for Windows 11? Can you bypass TPM?


What is TPM



TPM which is an abbreviation of Trusted Platform Module is a dedicated chip that’s used to keep cryptographic keys. It is there to secure your computer and is nothing but hardware-layer encryption.


Two keys will be generated on the TMP computer, are Endorsement Key and Storage Root Key. Both these keys maneuver to provide security that can not be achieved with software.


Why do you need TPM for Windows 11?



Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is one of the most prominent security features in Windows 11.


TPM is a chip that is used to secure confidential and sensitive data like encryption keys, user credentials, and more in the back of a hardware barrier.


As attackers getting smarter and using advanced techniques to tamper data on your PC, this will help protect your PC against malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks. TPM chip is added to the CPU individually or integrated into your computer’s motherboard.


Most computers, nowadays, comes with TPM embedded in them. And unknowingly, we have been using this chip for many security-related jobs, including Windows Hello.


TPM is not only used for the Windows Hello Face authentication method but also for BitLocker to protect your identity.


Microsoft has made TPM a minimum requirement to run Windows 11. So, you can run Windows 11 only if your PC has built-in TPM chips. Although some high-end PCs use TPM chips. But, now it has become a necessity for using Windows 11 on your PC. Else, you won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

To make it easier for users, TPM 2.0 chips will be integrated into all certified Windows 11 systems so that customers can take advantage of security backed by a hardware root of trust.


Hardware-layer security is way more secure than that of Software. With the help of TPM, your computer will be able to encrypt entire disks whilst protecting your passwords from dictionary attacks. It has been used by many IT companies, for ages, but Microsoft wants to make it mandatory for all, in order to ensure protection.


So, with the help of modern CPUs, Secure Boot, and virtualization protections Microsoft is trying to counterattack the end-less ransomware attacks that Windows is vulnerable to.


With growing cyber-attacks and news about corporates stealing personal information, people were a bit skeptical about their privacy. By making TPM mandatory for Windows 11 PCs, it can ensure some privacy and security from cyber attacks.


How to bypass TPM requirement and install Windows 11



Yes, you can bypass TPM and we are going to show the simplest of the ways to do the same. You need to copy transfer a few files from Windows 10 ISO to that of Windows 11. So, follow the given steps to bypass TPM.


  1. Download the Windows Media Creation tool from

  2. Use the Media Creation tool to download Windows 10 ISO file.

  3. Now, right-click on the Windows 10 ISO and select Mount.

  4. Go to This PC and open the mounted file.

  5. Go to the Sources folder, select all the content (Ctrl + A) but leave Install.esd (to deselect a particular file, move the cursor over it, and hit Ctrl + Space), and copy them.

  6. Now, paste the copied items in the Sources folder of Windows 11 ISO, if it asks for permission to replace files, give it and wait for the installation process to complete.


You can also bypass TPM requirement check by following an alternative method
On unsupported devices, when you try to install Windows 11, you may see a message – This PC cant run Windows 11.

Now press Shift+F10 to open Command Prompt. Use it to open regedit.exe and modify a registry key.



Go to the following path and create a new key LabConfig:




In the LabConfig key, create two new DWORDs with the following Values:


  • BypassTPMCheck  – 00000001

  • BypassSecureBootCheck – 00000001


Save and exit.

Now, retry installing Windows 11. Hopefully, you will be able to bypass TPM with these steps.

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