Feb 17, 2022 google android sandbox

Android removes cross-tracking like iPhone - what is Facebook doing now?

Google says they will now stop the possibility of apps on Android, and where they can on the web, to cross-share personal information, which is part of the reason, besides TikTok, that Facebook is having such a hard time at the moment.

Google has revealed "Privacy Sandbox"

The revelations come from Google itself, but it has not been revealed when the company will roll out the privacy improvements, only that it will take several years. The company is collaborating with Snapchat and Rovio, among others, to put in place the new way of doing things.


The plan is to strengthen privacy by making it harder for advertisers to track users across apps.


Google also hints that Apple's way of doing this only gives the illusion of security, as pointed out in their own study.


Stops cross-tracking
The company says it will take more people to complete what they refer to as a "Privacy Sandbox" on Android, where the goal is to "introduce new and more private advertising solutions." These features will limit the sharing of user data with third parties and operate without cross-app identification, including the ad ID, ”they write.


Unlike Apple's solution that asks whether you want to track or not, Google's sandbox solution will limit such tracking by default in addition to offering new ways to offer mobile advertising, apparently without compromising privacy.


This is Google's new strategy that they will be developing in the coming years:


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