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AI will determine if you are allowed to drive

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Artificial intelligence and eye tracking will provide physicians with an objective basis for assessing patients' medical fitness to drive. That is the goal of the new AI project Driving Assessment in Healthcare (Dash) at Örebro University.


People should not be deprived of their driver's license for no reason "The human aspect is important. People who do not need to stop driving should also not be forced to do so, ”says doctoral student Ravi Chadalavada at the Department of Science and Technology, Örebro University.


Doctors are obliged to report patients who are considered unsuitable in traffic due to illness, age, cognitive impairment, etc. to the Swedish Transport Agency. This is a difficult assessment as the doctor in many cases cannot determine for sure to what extent the condition affects the patient's driving.


Artificial intelligence and eye-tracking technology The goal of Dash is to facilitate physicians' decisions by using artificial intelligence and eye-tracking technology to produce data about a patient's driving so that physicians can make decisions based on actual data.


Today, there is no way to know how much an illness actually affects the patient's ability to drive. The doctor may refuse to take the driver's license from a patient who has driven a car all his life. Our system can be a tool for dealing with the shortcomings of current solutions. By letting the patient drive a car with our glasses, we can generate a report that gives the doctor a basis for making a decision based on facts.


Still, the doctor's decision Ravi Chadalavada has for a couple of years worked to streamline driving learning by learning AI traffic rules and combining them with eye-tracking. Along the way, it turned out that this could also be used in the health care system. Artificial intelligence can not replace the doctor, but contribute to the diagnosis and save time.


Det blir interessant å se hvordan systemet kan brukes av helsevesenet. Det er fortsatt legen som må ta avgjørelsen, men AI vil gi ham et objektivt grunnlag for beslutningen.

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